Uncommon Courtesy on the Phone

Here’s a simple technique that will differentiate you from most other people when you make a simple phone call. It works very well whether you’re following up on meeting someone at a networking event, returning a call or simply asking a question:

  • After introducing yourself, briefly indicate why you’re calling and then ask if it’s a good time.
  • Then, be quiet while the other person processes what you just said and decides if it is a good time or not.
  • While you could just as easily have asked if it’s a bad time, but why imply that you might have done something bad. It’s not your fault the other person answered the phone.
  • So, in the first 10 seconds of the call, you’ve projected that you’re focused, courteous and respectful – and reinforced a positive relationship.

So, modify this word track as needed and enjoy the results it will bring you:

‘Hello, this is Phil Stella with ETC – we met at the COSE event last night. I wanted to briefly continue our conversation about social media. Is this a good time?’