More Bookshelf

Read any good books on communications, business or management lately? I have, and I’m happy to share them with you.

Full Disclosure here – I haven’t actually read these books … I’ve listened to them. Thanks to the encouragement and positive example of my wife, Nonie, a voracious reader herself, I’ve begun harnessing the power of audio books while driving.

So, here are some recent books I enjoyed listening to and recommend:

  • Five Keys to High Performance – Juggle Your Way to Success, Michael J. Gelb, 2009
  • How the Best Leaders Lead, Brian Tracy, 2010
  • The Unwritten Laws of Business, W. J. King & James Skakoon, 2007

So, if you have read – or listened to – any good books lately, send me the titles so I can recommend them to site visitors.
Happy Reading … PJS