Read Any Good Books Lately?

As entrepreneurs, we face lots of challenges running or working in small businesses. One of the most important challenges is the need for on-going professional development and education. We may recognize the importance of Life Long Learning, but who has the time and energy to do it?

One simple strategy to deal with this paradox is to embrace the concept of the ‘University of the Automobile’ – here’s how it works. Assume the average working person commutes to work an hour a day over a 40-year work life. Do the math – that’s 10,000 hours spent in the car – even more if you use your car during the workday or for business travel.

That is more time than you would spend in class, studying and doing assignments to earn both a BS and MBA degree. Most current business books are available free from your public library in CD format or for downloading to your phone or iPod.

So, commit yourself to Life Long Learning by harnessing the power of the ‘University of the Automobile’. And asking someone ‘Read any good books lately?’ is a great conversation starter at networking events.

Happy listening and learning.