Please Hold Your Questions

Here are some excerpts from a recent LinkedIn discussion group posting on whether or not to hold audience questions until the end of the presentation:

  • I usually prefer inviting questions anytime and all the time. I stress that approach in my workshops and executive coaching engagements, as long as the presenters are comfortable, well prepared, can think on their feet and have anticipated most typical questions.
  • When presenters are not comfortable doing that, holding questions until the end is potentially safer, but less confident and audience-friendly.
  • Ending a presentation with Q & A is often a weak and anti-climatic strategy and takes away from the impact of a well-crafted and enthusiastically delivered summary or conclusion.
  • For those who still prefer holding questions until the end, I encourage them to invite the questions at the end of the main presentation content. Then, pause and move into the summary. Clients really like this strategy as it has benefits of both approaches.

Best wishes for success in handling audience questions … whenever you entertain them.