Three mistakes speakers make

Another Linked In discussion asked ‘what are the three biggest mistakes speakers make?’

As a veteran presentation skill consultant, trainer and coach, I see a lot of mistakes that speakers typically make. Here are three major areas:

  • Weak Content – not delivering focused, audience-centric and results-driven messages that provide the kind of information the audience needs and wants in the amount and form they need and want to accomplish the outcomes that brought them into the room.
  • Weak Visual Aids – creating ineffective ‘Death by PowerPoint’ slide shows and using speaker note screen prints as handouts. Both suggest the speakers are too incompetent, lazy or inconsiderate to create better tools to reinforce their messages and add value to their audiences.
  • Weak Delivery – not projecting confidence, style and enthusiasm: speaking too fast with not enough pauses, volume and inflection combined with weak eye contact.

If some of these comments sound like you … not to worry. Check out my eLetter article archives under ‘Resources’ for lots of tips and suggestions to add to your Presenter Tool Kit.