Dumb Questions Revisited

My recent rant about dumb questions at networking events, like ‘Do you have a business card?’ generated some interesting reactions. One reader sent me a note indicating she didn’t like my approach. Here’s an excerpt from my response.

‘Thanks so much for your sincere feedback. As a writer and communication practitioner, my goal is always to provoke reaction and thinking. Looks like I accomplished that goal with you, even though it wasn’t the reaction I hoped for. Most readers who commented liked my approach.

You’re so right – I am fussy, judgmental, sarcastic, impatient and unsympathetic about unfocused, inept and discourteous people in networking situations. I’m that way in large part because most other business people are as well. I try to reflect the collective mindset and potential reactions of the business leaders other people want and need to network with.

I hope to challenge the ineffective habits of amateurs who network and interact without thinking or planning much. My ‘in-their-face’ approach may cause them enough discomfort to rethink those habits and take advantage of the lessons learned from the Varsity Networkers.’