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Now, that’s a dumb question!

You know that old adage, ‘There’s no such thing as a dumb question’? Sorry to spoil your fantasy, but that’s wrong. There are plenty of dumb questions. Read More »

Why I Hate “Work/Life Balance”

This month’s rant is about a cliché we all hear and many of us use – ‘Work/Life Balance’. I understand and love the concept …  but I hate the words used. So please humor this incurable wordsmith a little. Read More »

Everything is a Process

Last week, I facilitated a GS 10K Small Businesses module on ‘Strategic Growth Through Operations’. So, 22 previous cohorts and over 650 business owners have heard me say … and might even remember – Read More »

Presentation Anxiety Revisited

How many of you experience pain when you deliver presentations at work? How many hate speaking in public? I see a lot of hands up, so let’s briefly discuss five simple strategies for managing your Presentation Anxiety. Read More »

FAQs About FAQs

How often does a customer call, text or email you with a question? If you said ‘rarely’, then you’re either very good or very lucky. Stop reading now and go do something fun in stead. If you said ‘often’ or ‘a lot’, then read on – this one’s for you. Read More »

Do Your Emails Suck?

Your routine workplace emails might suck if you ignore the reality that every note you send a customer, colleague or manager can project your image of professionalism, competency and courtesy — or detract from it. Read More »

My Boss Stinks at Communicating

I get this one a lot, especially in my business writing or presentation skill workshops, where learners comment that their bosses need the class more than they do. Read More »

Perception Is Reality

If you ever participated in one of my ‘Make Listening Work’ presentations or workshops, you probably heard me having fun with one of my favorite tongue twisters: Read More »

Why I Love Caller ID … and So Should You

 I love Caller ID – I really do. Here’s why – my business phone is a simple residential line and the number is published. Yes … I still have a land line. Read More »

Gratitude Magnitude

A key concept for a successful Referral Strategy is the Magnitude of your Gratitude. You have lots of potential people to thank – here are seven steps to making the most of your gratitude.  Read More »