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Why I Love Uncommon Phone Courtesy

Here’s a simple phone technique that will differentiate you from most other people when you make a simple call. It works very well whether you’re following up on meeting someone at a networking event, returning a call or simply asking a question: Read More »

A Phil’s Fave About Phones

Here’s another example of an oft-heard concept from one of my Time Management workshops or presentations.  

 ‘Don’t keep saying the phone interrupts you. It doesn’t. You interrupt you when you decide to answer the phone. So … accept responsibility for your own counter-productive behavior.’                                        

(And … remembering my rant about always identifying the people you quote … )

Phil Stella, 21st century entrepreneur, communication consultant & executive coach


Harness Phone Power

What you say on the pone and how you say it says volumes about your credibility, competence and confidence. So, harness the Power of your Phone whenever you talk to customers: Read More »

Success is in Your Hands

Looks like our summary of Gesturing ‘Worst Practices’ last month was a big hit, except for those people who though I was talking about them. As promised, this month we do a deep dive on Gesturing Best Practices that you can add to your Presenter Tool Kits to add dynamic Sizzle to your Gestures. So, hang on – it will be a fast ride. Read More »

Coping with Covid-19

So, this is our new Covid-19 reality. Many small businesses are temporarily surviving with some or all the staff working from home. Some are closed with dim prospects for ever reopening. 

Some are even flourishing, if their products or services are in greater demand now than they were in February, like florists, take-out only food shops, commercial cleaning firms and … liquor stores.   Read More »

Networking Through the Pandemic

Sure, it’s much harder to network when most business events are cancelled and we need social distancing. So, let’s look in the rear view mirror for a change and get back to ‘old school basics’. Read More »

Why I Hate Titles

While skimming some LinkedIn postings recently, I encountered a person who was seriously title-happy. After his name was ‘… MBA, BA, BS, NP, MPM.’ Wow – aren’t you impressed with his credentials!  Read More »

Phil’s Fave – on Time

Sounds like sharing often-heard concepts from my workshops and presentations is both useful and interesting for many of you. This Phil’s Fave is from a time management session –

‘If you paid yourself $100/hour, would you get your money’s worth from each task on your to do list? If not – dump it.’

(And … true to my rant about always identifying the people you quote …)

Phil Stella, 21st century entrepreneur, communication consultant & executive coach

Phil’s Feb. Faves

Another of my favorite … and often-repeated … concepts from my training and coaching engagements:

‘My short and simple definition of success – Do what you love,                love what you do and be good enough at it to support the life you’ve chosen.’

Use with my compliments and stay tuned for more ‘Phil’s Faves’ next month.

And, in case someone asks ‘Who’s that? –

Coping with Covid

While we all battle Covid-19, be sure to err on the side of over-communicating with your customers. Indicate what your business is doing or not doing to deal with the virus. Be sure to include the ‘why’ along with the ‘what’ and connect your actions to customer needs or value where possible. Since once is not enough here, regularly repeat your statements and update them where you can.

We can all get through this together.