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Customer-Centric Communication

People have different preferences about how they communicate. Some people would rather talk than write. Others would rather write than talk. Yet others have very high response rate to text. No surprises there! Read More »

I Don’t Get It!

Let’s start off 2016 with a new Quickie series of Mini-Rants called ‘I Don’t Get It!’

How often has this happened to you? You ask someone at a networking event where their business is located and hear ‘Cleveland Ohio’. Technically correct, but why the need to remind us what state Cleveland is in? Kind of a waste of time. I don’t get it! Read More »

Leadership Rules

In his engaging fable on leadership, Chris Widener weaves his story around his four Rules of Leadership, then expands on them in his summary:

Widener’s Four Rules of Leadership
1.  You get what you Expect.
2.  You get what you Model.
3.  You get what you Reward.
4.  You get what you Work For.

‘Leadership Rules – how to become the leader you want to be.’, Gildan Media Corp, 2011,

Your Own Words

A regular reader enjoyed the ‘End Strong’ feature piece last month and it prompted him to ask a question. ‘Do you have an opinion on opening or closing a presentation with quotes from other people? I heard long ago that you want the audience’s first and last impressions to be of your own words, not those of someone else.’ Read More »

Clean Up Your Act

How often do you forward an email or reply to one? If your business is anything like mine – lots of times every day. So, it’s probably time for you to consider cleaning up your act. Your email act, that is. Read More »

Learning Styles

Not only do we humans have different communication styles, we have different Learning Styles that influence how we prefer to take in information. So, if you’re creating an informational presentation or delivering training, try to appeal to all three types of learners: Read More »

Handling Difficult Callers

Do you ever deal with angry customers over the phone? It can be a difficult and frustrating challenge. Here’s a brief summary of tips and suggestions shared in my Customer Communication workshops. Hope they take away some of the pain in dealing with your customers. Read More »

How Good is Your Greeting?

What kind of first impression do your customers and prospects get of your business when they get your voice mail greeting? Is it enthusiastic and professional? More important, is it concise and helpful?   Or, does you greeting sound more like this one? Read More »

Good Slides Make Bad Handouts

A client recently engaged me to create and deliver a workshop for an employee group. During our planning discussion, I recommend not using slides, given the audience, content and objective to create a more lively and engaging discussion. Slides tend to create the opposite impression. Read More »

Just Say ‘No’ to Note Cards

Given my commitment to Life Long Learning, I regularly review presentation skill-oriented books to keep what I share with my clients current and relevant. I recently encountered two different authors who recommended using 3×5 inch note cards for preparing speaker notes. Whoa! Couldn’t disagree more. So, please allow me to respectfully disagree and rerun one of my favorite rants. Read More »

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