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LinkedIn Losers

My recurring rants about LinkedIn Losers often generate reader reaction and commentary – both positive and negative. So … here we go again! Read More »

Does Your Audience Focus Suck?

Last month’s year-long ‘Do Your Presentations Suck? series overview garnered curious and enthusiastic reader reaction. That’s great. So, we start off this deep dive into Best Practices with a look at Audience Focus. Read More »

WordPower – Choose Your Words Wisely

This edition of ‘WordPower’ deals with the word choices you make every day – more simple best practices to improve your routine workplace writing.    Read More »

Delegate Your Way to Success

Time to review the Art and Science of Delegation – an essential leadership skill for entrepreneurs and discuss three important questions. Read More »

Do Your Presentations Suck?

Based on the positive reaction to last month’s feature, ‘Does Your Marketing Suck?”, we’ll discuss presentations in the same context and style all year. Rather than assume that they do, I’ll ask lots of diagnostic questions so you can decide for yourself if your presentations do suck and, if so, how much. Read More »

WordPower – KISS Your Verbosity Goodbye

Welcome to another year-long series intended to enhance your communication skills. This time, it’s ‘WordPower’ – simple best practices to improve your routine workplace writing. To start the year off, one of my favorite rants about verbosity. Read More »

People Feature: How to tell your boss you are overworked

 People Feature: How to tell your boss you are overworked

Article published on October 18, 2018
By Selena Li

Fund professionals in Asia are no strangers to working overtime, but when long hours are taking a toll on one’s health and life, whether and how to tell your superiors can be challenging.

The “upward” communication with a manager demands a thorough evaluation beforehand followed by careful preparation, as well as execution finesse, experts say. Read More »

Another Helping of Your Questions

A holiday treat for you – simple and useful answers to your presentation skill-orientated questions. This month, you asked … Read More »

Does Your Marketing Suck?

I thought of calling this rant ‘Your Marketing Sucks’, but that declarative statement sounded too in-your-face and presumptuous, even for me. So, I changed the statement into a question to let you decide if your marketing sucks … and how much. (Full disclosure – this piece first ran in COSE’s Mind Your Business Blog in September.) Read More »

Introverts Arise!

I recently got a call from a reader who admitted to being very introverted, but still wanted to improve his networking results.  I thought other introverts might benefit from what we discussed, so here’s the essence of that conversation:

Read More »