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A Great Impression Every Time

(Back in May, I lead with ‘Why I Hate Networking … ‘. It didn’t take long for readers to figure out that I really only hate lame, ineffective and unfocused networking. And so should you. Now … let’s get back to simple strategies for maximizing your Networking ROI.)

How do you make a great impression on people every time? The answer is really simple and easy, yet the devil is in the details of execution. Read More »

Resistance is Futile

(For your reading pleasure … my most recent piece from the COSE ‘Mind Your Business’ eLetter.)

In his still frightening classic dystopian novel, ‘1984’, George Orwell invented ‘NewSpeak’, the official language of Oceania, used to control communication and thought.

So, let me pay homage to Orwell by inventing ‘CuSpeak’ in his honor, the official language we should always use when speaking to customers and prospects and not nearly as creepy as ‘NewSpeak’. While it’s much harder to learn than ‘SAE’ (Standard American English), it’s much more effective in influencing how they understand and view us. Read More »

More Questions. More Answers.

And the beat goes on … readers continue indicating interest in this concise Q & A format for sharing simple Presentations Best Practices. This month, readers asked about stage fright, handouts vs. slides and eye contact.  Read More »

Don’t be a Card Shark!

I’ve been ranting about business card finesse for over 25 years and I thought by now there would  be no need to keep doing it. I assumed business people would get it, change behavior and stop being card sharks forever. Apparently, that’s not the case … so here we go again! Read More »

Make Listening Work

Admit it – we’re all poor listeners. Very poor. No surprise here – it’s the nature of our beast in the modern world. But, instead of just lamenting about it … or ignoring the condition … there are lots of simple ways to Make Listening Work for you if you want to improve this critical skill. Read More »

More Questions About Presentations

I’m pleased with your very positive reaction to this new feature. Several readers commented on how useful the short answers were and others offered new questions. So, here are more Questions About Presentations: Read More »

You’ve Got More Questions About Presentations

Glad to see this new feature went over so well. Three more questions about Presentations this month and two of them came in recently. Read More »

Brainstorming Brilliance

When was the last time you held a team brainstorming meeting to identify a name for a new product, solve some problem or even a come up with a location for the next staff happy hour … and you got nothing?  You asked for input, but only a few spoke up and others criticized or made fun of those ideas. Most people just sat there silent starring at their blank sheets of paper … or, phones. One person had enough courage to tell you that you’re the boss and you’ll do whatever you want anyway, so why bother with this waste of time? Read More »

Pro Bono Power

Here’s a simple but very effective strategy to maximize the impact of a ‘No Budget Marketing’ campaign you may create for your employer or your own business – harnessing the ‘Power of the Pro Bono’ or what I like to call ‘Strategic Volunteering’. Read More »

Phil’s Faves on Workplace Writing

If I had to condense my workplace writing feature articles down to one page … here’s what that could look like: Read More »