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Connect with Class

Have you ever gotten an email like this? ‘Hi Phil, Tony Grosso suggested I contact you. I’d like to meet with you to network and discuss my job search. Let me know some good times to get together. Regards … Chuck Upton.’

While harmless enough, concise and clear, Chuck could have been much more effective, efficient and engaging.  He could have indicated: Read More »

‘Class Act’ Communication

(A writer recently asked me for a 100-word maximum contribution on differentiation for his communication skill blog. Not easy …  but here goes)

Communicate with ‘Uncommon Courtesy’ to differentiate yourself as a ‘Class Act’. Do so with every message you send to every person every day. Read More »

Stand & Deliver

(This month, we continue our deep dives into masking Presentation Anxiety symptoms with another physical delivery best practice. Standing and Delivering can harness physical power and project confidence, credibility and competence to the audience.)

Because your audience only knows what it sees, your body can be a great natural visual aid. It can also show nervousness or lack of confidence very quickly and clearly. So … look the part you’re playing – a confident and credible presenter. Read More »

‘Right’ is the New ‘Ummm’

This month’s Rant is all about the new ‘Ummm’.

At a recent business conference, the experienced and otherwise effective speaker had a conspicuous habit of saying ‘… right’ all the time. It was as if she replaced the annoying ‘ummm’ with the equally annoying ‘right’. Read More »

Speakers’ Notes

A reader recently asked if using speaker notes would reduce his opportunity for effective eye contact.

I responded that notes would interfere with eye contact if you talk while looking at them or start reading them to your audience. Read More »

Be Memorable

Nationally known PR expert Carol Roth invited me to write a piece for her popular Small Business Expert Forum on delivering Memorable Presentations.

It was recently published and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to promote my concepts in such a respected vehicle as her Expert Forum.

Thanks for a great way to start my new year, Carol.




Titles Make Me Crazy

While skimming some LinkedIn postings recently, I encountered an author who was seriously title happy. After his name was ‘… MBA, BA, BS, NP, MPM.’ Wow – aren’t you impressed with his credentials! With an ‘MBA’, no need to include the BA & BS degrees. And while the ‘MBA, BA & BS’ are recognizable, ‘NP & MPM” aren’t. More confusing that impressive. Read More »

Why I Love Networking with a Strategic Plan

As regular readers will recall, I advocate information-based networking. It’s all about sharing ideas, resources and connections with other people and seeking the same for you and your business. Read More »

Make the Most of Meetings

If you dislike Workplace Meetings as much as I do, then try making the most of them by treating them as valuable resources that come with a huge cost. So, as with any resource, make sure you use them effectively and efficiently. Here’s a brief summary of best practices: Read More »

The Eyes Have It

(‘Communicate Confidently!’ is off to a great start in 2018 by continuing our deep dive into those delivery skills that help mask Presentation Anxiety symptoms, while projecting confidence, credibility and competency. This month, we dive into Eye Contact.)

If I could only enhance one delivery skill with my executive coaching clients it would be to help them maximize their eye contact. Properly done, it produces several positive results for your audience and for you. Nothing says more about your credibility, power and confidence than what you do – and don’t do – with your eyes. Your eyes … the mirror of your soul. Everything else is a ‘B’ priority. Read More »