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You’ve Got More Questions About Presentations

Glad to see this new feature went over so well. Three more questions about Presentations this month and two of them came in recently. Read More »

Brainstorming Brilliance

When was the last time you held a team brainstorming meeting to identify a name for a new product, solve some problem or even a come up with a location for the next staff happy hour … and you got nothing?  You asked for input, but only a few spoke up and others criticized or made fun of those ideas. Most people just sat there silent starring at their blank sheets of paper … or, phones. One person had enough courage to tell you that you’re the boss and you’ll do whatever you want anyway, so why bother with this waste of time? Read More »

Pro Bono Power

Here’s a simple but very effective strategy to maximize the impact of a ‘No Budget Marketing’ campaign you may create for your employer or your own business – harnessing the ‘Power of the Pro Bono’ or what I like to call ‘Strategic Volunteering’. Read More »

Phil’s Faves on Workplace Writing

If I had to condense my workplace writing feature articles down to one page … here’s what that could look like: Read More »

You’ve Got Questions … About Presentations

Readers regularly send in questions about specific presentation issues or challenges and I respond privately and promptly. Some responses are general enough that I run them here in the Quickie section of ‘Communicate Confidently’.

Going forward, I’ll be highlighting three of those answers each month on different specific topics to reinforce what you already know or even add some new skills to your Workplace Presenter Tool Kits. And, if you send in a question now, you might find the answer helping other readers in a future issue. Read More »

Why I Hate Networking … And So Should You!

(FYI … I wrote this for COSE’s ‘Mind Your Business’ blog last month. Enjoy …)

I hate networking. I really hate it. Rather strange comment coming from the self-proclaimed Godfather of Networking in COSE-land. Yes … but let me explain. Read More »

Harness the Power of Free Ink

(This article originally ran in the Cleveland Council of Smaller Enterprises ‘Mind Your Business’ blog.)

How many of you are frustrated and bewildered by the ‘Small Business Marketing Paradox’? We all recognize the critical need to do more and better marketing of our products or services to survive and thrive. But, few of us have the knowledge and skills to do it ourselves. Yet, we hesitate to – or can’t afford to – invest in having experts do it for us. The result is that we often do nothing. Bad idea. Read More »

Communicating Effectively with Millennials

(This article originally appeared in the popular Small Business Expert Forum published by   Nationally known PR expert Carol Roth. I’m was thrilled to have the opportunity to promote these concepts in such a respected vehicle.)

While millennials have some generation-specific communication preferences, they have a lot more in common with other generations than differences, except for their use of technology. If communicating with them in your workplace presents a challenge, here are five ways to resonate with your 30-somethings readers. Read More »

Success is in Your Hands

Looks like our brief summary of Gesturing ‘Worst Practices’ last month was a big hit, except for those people who though I was talking about them. As promised, this month we do a deep dive on Gesturing Best Practices you can add to your Workplace Presenter Tool Kits. So, hang on – it will be a fast ride. Read More »

Free Ink Rules

How Ironic. My latest post for the COSE Mind Your Business blog is all about getting free ink – why, where and how. And, since the start of the year, I’ve been fortunate enough to generate some excellent free e-ink in national publications myself. Ironic, indeed. Read More »

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