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Speak Up!

(Last month’s lead article simply listed those physical and vocal delivery skills that, properly used, can mask symptoms of Presentation Anxiety while projecting an image of confidence, credibility ad competence. Now, for the next six months, we’ll take a deeper dive with each of those PA-masking skills you can add to your workplace presenter tool kits. So, let’ start with increasing your volume.) Read More »

Give Your Readers a Break

A very effective Reader-Centric strategy for your workplace writing is to make it very easy for your readers to read, understand and act on what you write.

One way to achieve these results is to use more white space to make your emails and documents easier to understand and use. This is especially helpful when they’re reading on their phones … and, soon, on their watches. Read More »

Network with Strategic Focus

Ever ask a colleague you see at a networking event ‘Why are you networking here tonight?’ I Don’t Get why so many of their answers are so unfocused, like ‘I don’t know … I’m just networking’, ‘To meet new people’, ‘My boss told me to do it’, ‘To tell my story to strangers’ or ‘I heard they’re serving shrimp’ Read More »

Networking Defined

A reporter recently asked for my definition of ‘Networking’

‘Networking is simply the exchange of ideas, information or resources. It’s all about information. John Naisbit first described networking that way in ‘MegaTrends’ over 30 years ago. Read More »

I Don’t Get It – Vague References

I don’t get why so many workplace communicators still prefer vague words or phrases. Whether the choice is conscious or not, ‘specific beats vague’ every time. Read More »

Don’t Be a LinkedIn Loser

My recurring rants about LinkedIn Losers often generate reader reaction and commentary – both positive and negative. So … here we go again! Read More »

Make Listening Work

Last month’s frustrating rant reminded readers why we don’t listen very well. But not to worry – this month is all about what to do about that situation. Here are lots of simple ways to Make Listening Work for you. Read More »

Managing Your Presentation Anxiety

Last month, we discussed why you – and everyone else – has some degree of Presentation Anxiety and what may cause it. Assuming that information didn’t scare you too much, let’s turn attention to the positive steps you can take to Manage Your PA. Read More »

Lose Lame Lines

An often- overlooked element in any email or memo is the simple little Subject Line. Depending on their content, they can add to the message or detract from the workplace writer’s image of competency. So … here are a few tips to Lose Lame Lines: Read More »

You’re Not Listening!

As workplace communicators, we obviously spend a lot of time each day communicating verbally. Therefore, we spend a lot of time listening … or should.

Problem is, we don’t listen very well. Especially those of us Type A Driver Entrepreneurs. Sound familiar? We regularly fall victim to one or more of these seven Barriers to Listening: Read More »

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