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WordPower – Always Break the Rules!

This month, ‘WordPower’ feature deals with some rules of grammar and which ones you should consider breaking if you want to enhance your routine workplace writing. Read More »

Does Your Intro Suck?

(This month, we continue our popular year-long series, ‘Do Your Presentations Suck? with a closer look at your presentation’s Introduction. Enjoy!)

Your Introduction might suck if you don’t Start Strong – if it doesn’t quickly build rapport, establish credibility, stress audience-centric value and let them know what’s coming. And it might really suck if you start by talking about yourself or telling a joke. Read More »

I Hate Elevator Speeches & So Should You!

Have you ever been at a COSE or some other business networking event and heard an amateur networker deliver an ‘Elevator Speech from Hell’? I know I have. Lots of times. You wanted to hit the emergency stop button and escape that elevator fast. Read More »

Make Your One-on-One Meetings Work

Management-staff one-on-one meetings should be a regular component of any organization’s Performance Management system. They allow for maintaining professional relationships and providing constructive ‘Plus/Delta’ feedback. Read More »

Brand Your Way to Success!

Branding is always a hot topic for my small business clients and for many ‘Communicate Confidently!‘ readers. Recently, one asked how a small business can effectively brand itself. Here’s a summary of my comments: Read More »

Does Your Main Point Suck?

(We continue our popular year-long ‘Do Your Presentations Suck? series this month with a deep dive into your presentation’s Main Point. So, buckle up for another fast ride.) Read More »

LinkedIn Losers

My recurring rants about LinkedIn Losers often generate reader reaction and commentary – both positive and negative. So … here we go again! Read More »

Does Your Audience Focus Suck?

Last month’s year-long ‘Do Your Presentations Suck? series overview garnered curious and enthusiastic reader reaction. That’s great. So, we start off this deep dive into Best Practices with a look at Audience Focus. Read More »

WordPower – Choose Your Words Wisely

This edition of ‘WordPower’ deals with the word choices you make every day – more simple best practices to improve your routine workplace writing.    Read More »

Delegate Your Way to Success

Time to review the Art and Science of Delegation – an essential leadership skill for entrepreneurs and discuss three important questions. Read More »