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Sail the ‘7 Seas’ … again

Please excuse the bogus link in last month’s Quickie. Here’s the short piece you should have seen with a properly working link:
Read More »

Sail the Seven Cs

Effective Workplace Writing should pass the ‘7 Cs Test.’  Is it:  Read More »

Power Point – Abbreviations

This month’s Workplace Writing Power Point covers Abbreviations. I just wish there was a simple abbreviation for abbreviation. So, if you want … or need … what you write at work to be accurate and consistent, follow these simple suggestions: Read More »

Activate Active Voice

This month’s Workplace Writing Power Point activates Active Voice. And you get two points every time you use it over Passive Voice – for ‘Concise’ and ‘Conversational’. Read More »

Another ‘Power Point’

Looks like my new Workplace Writing ‘Power Points’ feature is generating some nice buzz. Read More »

Workplace Writing – Does It Really Matter?

A reader recently asked about the impact of poor workplace writing skills. Here’s a summary of our conversation. Read More »

Another Workplace Writing ‘Power Pointer’

Based on reader reaction and input, looks like this new section is a hit and you want more of it. Remembering that your effective workplace writing should pass the ‘7-C Test’ – is is Clear, Conversational, Concise, Consistent, Credible, Compelling and Correct, here’s a Power Pointer for ‘Conversational’. Read More »

I Don’t Get … The Plural They

Looks like this new rant category is catching on with readers. Thanks for your feedback and suggestions. I’ll post a new one each month in various content categories. Read More »

KISS Your Verbosity Goodbye

Time to deal with an often unpleasant reality. As business leaders, we spend a lot of each day writing – emails, reports, proposals, marketing materials, evaluations, even texts … well, you get the picture. We should all add the title ‘Workplace Writer’ to our business cards. Read More »

Stop Using ASAP ASAP!

If you’ve been reading my periodic articles on workplace writing and communication techniques and strategies in ‘Communicate Confidently!’, you’ve encountered one of my favorite rants – ‘Specific beats Vague’. So, whenever you have a choice between a vague word, like ‘several’ and a specific word like ‘four’, opt for the specific word. Read More »

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