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Managing Your Presentation Anxiety

Last month, we discussed why you – and everyone else – has some degree of Presentation Anxiety and what may cause it. Assuming that information didn’t scare you too much, let’s turn attention to the positive steps you can take to Manage Your PA. Read More »

A Powerful Message in the Middle

The last two months we’ve discussed powerful audience-centric presentation Introductions and Summaries, as if the two book ends holding your presentation together. So, now let’s focus on what’s left – your powerful Message in the Middle. Read More »

Powerful Pitch

A reader recently entered a local business pitch competition with a grand prize of $5,000 and asked for feedback on her ‘script’. I thought you’d find my comments interesting. Read More »

Learn it … Don’t Memorize It

Here’s one of my favorite rants about a practice I Don’t Get – memorizing a presentation. Read More »

Job Interviews & Workplace Presentations

A reader recently asked about the parallels between job interviews and workplace presentations. As a bit of background, one of my sustaining clients is an outplacement firm, where I serve as a part time career coach. I’ve also done hundreds of pro bono workshops for area job seeker groups on the topic of interview communication skills. Here’s a brief summary of some the Best Practices I typically share:
Read More »