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‘Uncommon Courtesy’

A reader recently asked for some simple tips to network with more courtesy and to avoid coming off like a ‘slug’ at networking events. My comments.

Networking with ‘Uncommon Courtesy’ is both simple and easy and can clearly differentiate you from everyone else: Read More »

Embrace Permission Marketing

Ever meet someone at a networking event who turned you off quickly with a negative first impression?  Or, who really annoyed you with ineffective follow up? I have – lots of times. I call them ‘Networking Slugs’.  They earn that designation for different reasons, but mostly because they don’t practice the simple art of Permission Marketing. Here’s what Networking Pros do to avoid that title when networking or building relationships: Read More »

It’s ShowTime, So Ask the Right Questions

Many ‘Communicate Confidently!’ readers and other entrepreneurs use Business Expos and smaller local Trade Shows to market their products and services and network with prospects, clients and colleagues. If that strategy works for your business, here are some Best Practices to help you maximize your Show experience, ROI and value by Asking the Right Questions. Read More »

No Thanks? … No Thanks!

I recently engaged in an on-line discussion group for professional speakers in which someone asked if it was appropriate for speakers to thank the audience. While my response was aimed at my fellow speakers, some of the points have value for routine workplace presenters as well. Read More »

Uncommonly Courteous Networking

Years ago, I called this concept networking with “common courtesy”. But, just like “common sense”, this practice is anything but commonplace in the business world today. Go figure!

One of the smartest ways to make that best possible first impression when networking is both very simple AND very easy. When you network wit “Uncommon Courtesy”, it clearly differentiates yourself from the amateurs out there.  Here are some Best Practices to help you do that:

Read More »

Please Don’t be a LinkedIn Loser

My comments about LinkedIn several months ago generated lots of reader reaction, especially when COSE (Cleveland’s Council of Smaller Enterprises) posted them on their Linkedin discussion group. Here’s a sampling of my responses:
Read More »

Network With A Winning Smile

Grandma was right. You do only get one chance to make a good first impression. When you’re networking, one goal should always be to make the very best first impression you can on the strangers you meet. “Uncommon courtesy” is a key strategy throughout all your networking relationships. Often that relationship begins at a networking or professional association event by interacting with a winning smile.

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