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What’s in a Name?

A business reporter recently about the term ‘Motivational Speaker’. I really enjoyed sharing this load of steaming rant. Hope you do too: Read More »

Beware Dog & Pony Shows From Hell!

Team-Delivered Presentations (TDPs) are still common in the workplace today, especially with higher-end sales pitches or senior executive project updates. Some are effective, efficient and engaging messages. But, unfortunately, too many become ‘Dog & Pony Shows from Hell‘. What pushes them over the edge is poor planning and preparation, just as with other facets of workplace presentations. Read More »

Creating Audience Centered Presentations

Creating Audience-Centered Presentations can be a key to your career success in the job you have … or the job you want. And adding some new, different or better tools to your Workplace Presenter Tool Kits is  simple … but not necessarily easy. Read More »

Slides … Use Them Wisely!

Let’s assume you’ve just created some Best-in-Class slides – the right number with the right content and the right design – to support your message and add value to the audience experience. Great … now it’s time for you to Use Them Wisely! Read More »

Slide Into Success

I recently engaged in a lively LinkedIn Presentation group discussion about whether or not presenters should use slides. Here’s a summary of my comments, based on years of coaching executives, for you workplace presenters with similar concerns. Read More »

Two Smart Alternatives

Looks like last month’s piece on handling audience questions generated a lot of interest, especially about the two smart alternatives I indicated would be in this month’s issue of ‘Communicate Confidently!’ So … here you go.
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What’s Your Point?

What’s your point? Really – what’s the key message you’ll be delivering that you want the audience to understand, remember and agree with after the presentation? Your Main Point (MP) is the essence of your message, boiled down to one concise, specific, positive sentence. You should be able to write it on the back of your business card.
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Harness Audience Centricity

How do you get to the Presenters’ Hall of Fame? Before you all chime in with ‘Practice, man … practice‘, consider this – practice doesn’t make perfect, it only makes permanent. Only perfect practice makes perfect.

So, Best-in-Class Presenters got in the Hall of Fame by perfect practice. They also got in there by harnessing the power of Audience-Centricity, the art and science of crafting and delivering audience-centered messages. What follows is a brief summary of Best Practices learned from those presentation pros.
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Start with the End in Mind

Regular readers know that I often write about the importance of Audience Centricity – the single best strategy for getting into the ‘Workplace Presenters’ Hall of Fame’. So, if that’s your goal, the most critical component for creating a Best-in-Class Audience-Centered presentation is … to Start with the End in Mind, as Dr. Stephen Covey teaches us.
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What’s Your Point?

Once you’ve defined your objects and analyzed your audience, the next step on your journey towards Audience-Centricity is to Develop Your Content. So, what’s your point? Really – what’s the key message you’ll be delivering that you want the audience to understand, remember and agree with after the presentation?

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