Workshop Topics

These are full-day workshops, but shorter versions are available based on defined learning outcomes and group makeup/size. These topics can also be modified for association meetings or conferences.

  • Take the Pain out of Workplace Presentations

    Become more confident, credible and competent presenters in the workplace by enhancing your skills in planning, organizing and visualizing audience-centered messages. Learn Best Practices for successfully sustaining your skill development.

  • Deliver With Confidence

    Next, become more confident when you deliver those audience-centered messages. Learn to manage your Presentation Anxiety as you polish your vocal and physical delivery techniques.

  • Winning Sales Presentations

    Those same all-important Presentation Planning and Delivery skills (as above), focused on improving your mission-critical sales presentation. Learn to create and deliver client-centered pitches that position you as a valued expert resource and win the business.

  • Write Like You Talk

    Learn critical strategies for planning, writing and editing reader-centric reports, proposals, letters and memos. Embrace contemporary Best Practices for email etiquette. Become confident in your ability to use short, simple, conversational and assertive language.

  • Make Meetings Work

    Make workplace meetings more effective and efficient! Learn techniques and strategies for analyzing meetings, planning them thoroughly, leading them confidently and following up on them properly.

  • Delivering Engaging Training

    Enhance your skills and learn critical strategies for planning, creating and delivering engaging, learner-centered seminars and workshops. Harness the power of the ʻADDIEʼ Model – Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement and Evaluate.

  • Communicate With Style

    Identify the strengths and weaknesses of different communication styles, learn how to quickly identify the communication preferences of colleagues, bosses and customers, and how to adapt styles for maximum success when interacting in person or by phone.

  • Power Networking Strategies

    Learn how to network with more confidence – with focus, finesse and flexibility. Benefit from highly engaging discussions of Best Practice strategies and techniques for networking on purpose and for a purpose.

  • No-Budget Marketing

    Identify simple strategies for marketing your business when you donʼt have the skills to do it alone or the budget to have someone else do it for you. Harness the Power of the Pen, the Platform, and the Pro Bono, along with focused networking and social media use.

  • Another ‘Power Point’

    Looks like my new Workplace Writing ‘Power Points’ feature is generating some nice buzz. Continue reading →

  • 'Letter B'

    Your laptop or PC keyboard has 26 letters on it along with numbers, symbols and punctuation marks. When that keyboard is connected to a projector to run PowerPoint slides, my favorite is Letter ‘B’. Curious about why I love Letter B? … then read on. Continue reading →

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