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You’ve Got More Questions About Presentations

Glad to see this new feature went over so well. Three more questions about Presentations this month and two of them came in recently. Read More »

Wisdom & Humor

I thought it was time for some quote-ables with a sense of humor.

‘No one has a finer command of language than the person who keeps his mouth shut.’ (Robert Benchley, (1889 – 1945), American humorist, columnist and actor.

‘Once you get people laughing, they’re listening and you can tell them almost anything.’  Herbert Gardner (1846 – 1921), British lord, politician and author.

‘Speak when you are angry – and you will make the best speech you’ll ever regret.’ Laurence J. Peter (1919 – 1990), Canadian educator and author of ‘The Peter Principle’

‘Man invented language to satisfy his deep need to complain.’ Lily Tomlin (1939 – ), American actress, comedian and writer


We Know Where Cleveland Is!

I regularly attend networking or business events in Cleveland, where everyone introduces their businesses. Lots of people mention that they’re located in Cleveland, Ohio or Lakewood, Ohio or Beachwood, Ohio. They don’t bother to realize that they don’t need to remind people that these locations were in Ohio. Everyone knows that. Now, if they were in an obscure town like Lameville Heights, some people might need to know that was in Ohio. Read More »

Why I Love Meeting Math – And So Will You

I thought by now there’d be no point for this rant. I started facilitating workshops over 30 years ago, based on time honored best practices for planning, leading and following up on workplace meetings. With the evolving workplace culture, new communication tools and the impact of technology, most meetings should have become obsolete, like manual type writers and micro fiche. Apparently, that’s not the case. Read More »

Brainstorming Brilliance

When was the last time you held a team brainstorming meeting to identify a name for a new product, solve some problem or even a come up with a location for the next staff happy hour … and you got nothing?  You asked for input, but only a few spoke up and others criticized or made fun of those ideas. Most people just sat there silent starring at their blank sheets of paper … or, phones. One person had enough courage to tell you that you’re the boss and you’ll do whatever you want anyway, so why bother with this waste of time? Read More »

Pro Bono Power

Here’s a simple but very effective strategy to maximize the impact of a ‘No Budget Marketing’ campaign you may create for your employer or your own business – harnessing the ‘Power of the Pro Bono’ or what I like to call ‘Strategic Volunteering’. Read More »

Says Who?

I regularly use quotes in my training, speaking and writing. However, I’m adamant about identifying the sources and putting them in proper context. Few people are so well known that they don’t need any reference, like Jefferson, Mark Twain, Churchill, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., etc. Read More »

Inspiring Leadership

My most recent contribution to PR Consultant Carol Roth’s popular Business Unplugged blog was for her “100+ of the Best, Most Inspirational Leadership Quotes” article – Thanks for the great exposure, Carol. Read More »

Phil’s Faves on Workplace Writing

If I had to condense my workplace writing feature articles down to one page … here’s what that could look like: Read More »

You’ve Got Questions … About Presentations

Readers regularly send in questions about specific presentation issues or challenges and I respond privately and promptly. Some responses are general enough that I run them here in the Quickie section of ‘Communicate Confidently’.

Going forward, I’ll be highlighting three of those answers each month on different specific topics to reinforce what you already know or even add some new skills to your Workplace Presenter Tool Kits. And, if you send in a question now, you might find the answer helping other readers in a future issue. Read More »

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