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Make the Most of Learning Events

Savvy business leaders treat workshops, seminars and conferences as valuable resources that come with a huge cost of time and money. So, as with any business resource, make sure you use Learning Events effectively and efficiently: Read More »

I Don’t Get It – Noun Phrases

Here’s my newest rant in the Workplace Writing Power Points category. I don’t get why people still use lame noun phrases. So, let me challenge some word use habits, like this one carried over from those 500-word essay days in high school. Read More »

Look Here To Know Who I Am

One of the simplest tools in your Power Networking Tool Kit is the simple little Name Tag you wear at networking events. Everyone uses them, but few people do so strategically to add to a positive first impression and enhance the networking process. Really … I’m not making this up. Read More »

End Strong

Last month’s piece on presentation intros generated some gratifying positive buzz and requests for more. So, let’s go to the end of the message and ‘tell ‘em what we said.’ Audience-Centric presentations should end, not just stop. And they should End Strong. Your intro is critically important, but so is your summary or conclusion. You can also ‘Get Them at Goodbye!’ Read More »

Avoid Workplace Communication Blunders

No matter what you do at work, you spend a lot of time communicating – writing, reading, talking, listening. So, in addition to your job title and responsibilities, you are a Workplace Communicator as well. Major blunders in that process are usually the opposite or absence of these Best Practices: Read More »

It’s ShowTime

‘Good in a Room – how to sell yourself and your ideas and win over any audience’, by Stephanie Palmer, Tantor Media, Inc., 2008.

A most interesting take on high stakes pitches and meetings from a former Hollywood studio executive who listened to a lot of pitches in a lot of meetings.

Get Them At Hello!

We all learned about the three parts of a speech in high school: the introduction, body and conclusion. You remember … ‘Tell ‘em what you’re gonna say … say it … and tell ‘em what you said.’  Nothing new here. Read More »

Just Say ‘No’ to Small Talk

A reporter recently asked for suggestions on appropriate small talk at networking events. I surprised him by saying that small talk really didn’t work that well and to focus on Big Talk instead. The rest of my rant … Read More »

‘Tell Me About Yourself?’

Some of my most loyal readers are job seekers who have heard me speak at one of the three non-profit job seeker groups I support in NE OH. So, I thought you might find this piece interesting and potentially helpful. And please share it with anyone you know who is in a search or planning a career change. Read More »

Sail the ‘7 Seas’ … again

Please excuse the bogus link in last month’s Quickie. Here’s the short piece you should have seen with a properly working link:
Read More »

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