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International Again!

Several months ago, I indicated that I had become a resource for an international business publication. My colleagues at ‘Ignites-Asia’ included some interview comments in their feature piece about how to tell your boss you’re overworked.

They interviewed me again last month, this time for an article entitled ‘Mars vs. Venus: bridging the gender communications gap at work.’ I’ll run some excerpts from that interview next month.

So … hello world!

Presentation Humor

My long-time business chum and engaged reader Jim ‘the biggest name in PR’ Tabaczynski offers these ’36 Obvious signs that you just threw your presentation together’ for your amusement.

Thanks Tabbo …

‘Phil’s Faves’ for April

Three simple concepts about teamwork you’d hear often in one of my training or coaching sessions.

‘There is no ‘I’ in ‘team’, but there is a ‘me’. So make me feel welcome, valued and important if I’m on your team.’

‘There is no ‘I’ in ‘team’, but there is an ‘eat’. So, make sure you have good food at every meeting.’

‘A camel was a horse designed by a self-directed team!.

Why I Hate Lame Customer Service

While no one believes that customers are really always right, CSRs and Sales Reps should believe that customers are always critically important to their jobs and the success of the company. And they should act like that all the time. Problems occur when employees make these mistakes: Read More »

Why I Love Customer Centricity

People have different preferences about how they communicate. Some people would rather talk than write. Others would rather write than talk. Yet others have very high response rate to text. No surprises there! Read More »

WordPower – Always Break the Rules!

This month, ‘WordPower’ feature deals with some rules of grammar and which ones you should consider breaking if you want to enhance your routine workplace writing. Read More »

Does Your Intro Suck?

(This month, we continue our popular year-long series, ‘Do Your Presentations Suck? with a closer look at your presentation’s Introduction. Enjoy!)

Your Introduction might suck if you don’t Start Strong – if it doesn’t quickly build rapport, establish credibility, stress audience-centric value and let them know what’s coming. And it might really suck if you start by talking about yourself or telling a joke. Read More »

I Hate Elevator Speeches & So Should You!

Have you ever been at a COSE or some other business networking event and heard an amateur networker deliver an ‘Elevator Speech from Hell’? I know I have. Lots of times. You wanted to hit the emergency stop button and escape that elevator fast. Read More »

Dealing with Angry Customers

Of utmost importance is having a well-defined policy in place that senior management participated in creating and signed off on and that everyone who touches customers understands, embraces and follows consistently. Periodic re-training or review can be helpful. Components of that policy should include: Read More »

Why I Love ‘Or’ Networking Relationships

I willingly admit that many of my networking strategies and best practices dance to a different drummer. That’s why I love ‘or’ networking relationships. They’re opposite from and much better than ‘and’ relationships. Read More »