Powerful Pitch

A reader recently entered a local business pitch competition with a grand prize of $5,000 and asked for feedback on her ‘script’. I thought you’d find my comments interesting.

  • Carefully review pitch instructions and follow the guidelines or suggestions for content and format provided.
  • Unless instructions suggest otherwise, it’s always a good idea to structure your pitch in a Q & A format.
  • Remember, your ‘audience’ is the judges who could give you money, not your potential customers or investors. Use pronouns accordingly – customers are ‘they’, not ‘you’.
  • Include clear and relevant facts/stats about market size, potential competitors, revenue projection, etc.
  • Create an attention-getting opening – talk about the serious of the problem you’ll be solving.
  • The host/moderator will introduce you and your company, so don’t reintroduce yourself.
  • Write out your script completely, but write for the ear, not eye. Capture it the way you say it.
  • Practice it out loud a lot. Time it several times – but aim for at least 30 seconds less than the maximum time allowed. Tape it for self-critique.
  • Deliver it with passion, power and poise. Look and sound convincing, confident and credible. Smile … and have fun.

Many of these suggestions apply to any routine workplace presentations as well as a Powerful Pitch.