Fun Energizers

I recently responded to a reader who asked for suggestions for fun, simple energizers to use in training classes or staff meetings. Since I teach a lot of workplace writing workshops, I use fun word games after break or at the top of a session to start on time. Have fun with these:

  • Think of a word that has all the vowels in it in order (A – E – I – O – U – Y) –  Facetiously.
  • What are two countries in the world whose names begin with ‘A’ but don’t end with ‘A’? – ‘Azerbaijan’ & ‘Afghanistan’.
  • Longest word typed without repeating a letter: ‘uncopywriteable’ (15 letters).
  • Longest word typed only using left-hand keys: ‘Stewardesses’ (12 letters).
  • Longest word typed only using right-hand keys: ‘Lollipop’ (8 letters).
  • Longest word typed only using one row of keys: ‘Typewriter’ (10 letters).
  • Longest word that is only one syllable: 9 letters – strengths, screeched, squelched, straights, stretched.
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